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  1. Love your new web site!

  2. Cindy from North Plains

    I have got to be one of Shauna’s and Zumba’s biggest fans. I have been faithfully taking (high, low, step, powerflex) aerobics for over 30 years and I’ve never had as much fun with any other group class before Zumba, nor had such a flat stomach, nice waistline and toned legs AND arms, to show for it!! An added bonus is you learn REAL Latin dance steps and get exposure to all types of new music. I’ve taken Zumba from at least 10 different teachers including teachers in California, and Shauna is by FAR the best. Shauna’s background in body sculpting and yoga definitely make her class special. But the MOST special thing about Shauna’s class is her effervescent, friendly, and positive personality. She connects with every person, and makes us all feel like Dancing Queens and Kings. Everytime she calls out, “Beautiful!” I feel like she’s talking directly to me!! Love you, Shauna!!! Cindy

  3. You are totally awesome!!! Not only your great cardio class, but you your self are so great!!! Your personallity is just totally awesome.

    I am so fortunate to have you and your class as part of my life…… I so look forward to it!!!

    Thanks for being you………….. 😉


  4. Stephanie from CM and LO Bally's

    I love Zumba! I love your class! It’s so much fun to stay fit with a group of other women (and the occasional brave man) who likewise enjoy moving to music with a good Latin rhythm. I like seeing people in class of every age, shape and size. I also like that you remind us we can set our own pace, although I rarely see anyone sit out for a song because it’s just too much fun! You inspire each of us to keep “moving to the music” and when I hear Zumba music on the radio at home I dance along. Thank you Shauna for being a GREAT Zumba instructor!

  5. I did it! I reached my personal goal weight this week thanks to Zumba. My husband is very proud of me (which always feels good!). I’m so happy I ‘ditched the workout,’ took a leap of faith and jumped into Zumba with Shauna. Her energy is infectous! Now, I don’t dread heading to the gym; quite the opposite. I simply can’t wait to Zumba each week!

  6. Zumba is soooo fun! I just started Zumba and I’m so glad I did. Shauna is a great instructor and she keeps me going! It’s the first time I enjoy working out and time goes by so fast! An hour does not seem long enough. I look forward to the evenings I get to Zumba!!! 🙂

  7. Love zumba. Started it when Edge and Shauna first started. When Shauna started the Wed. class at Edge, then I was doing both. Looking back, that is about the time my weight loss really took off. I was getting toned before, and losing some weight. At Thanksgiving, my mother in law, said my rear looked good. Then beginning of January, my sister in law, asked if how did i do it. So, I told her. Can’t wait for zumba.

  8. I L-O-V-E Zumba! My mom introduced me to the class at the L.O. Bally’s and I instantly fell in love with it! Shawna is a FABULOUS teacher! Other instructors just do not compare. Her classes are so fun and motivating. I forget that I’m working out. I take the classes with my mom which makes it extra fun. Thanks Shawna for getting us excited about working out! You’re the BEST!

  9. Shauna is the BOMB.COM~~
    My mom actually talks about Zumba all the time. I went home this past year for our wedding and I was suprised at how much my mom and all her friends were loosing weight. My previous gym didnt offer it so when I got home I decided to join my local gym (extreme edge) to see what all the fuss is about. All I can say is IM ADDICTED! Its so fun to be able to dance my little heart out and loose weight and be able to let all my stress roll off my shoulders. Shauna is such a sweet person and great inspiration to me! Cant wait for tonight! ZUMBA! ~~Thanks Shauna for your light, fun heart! You are helping me everyday with my fitness challenge:)

  10. Even though I have been in your class for almost a year now, I have never actually even spoken to you. I kind of feel like you are a celebrity. Plus, it doesn’t help that I am antisocial-a side effect of being holed up in my cave with my two boys all day. I can talk to kids all day long, but put me in a room with other adults and, well, apparently no one else cares about Yo Gabba Gabba or Caillou. So, let me introduce myself. My name is Melissa and I wear the same black top and Capri pants every class (don’t worry, they get washed every night!) I am sure you have noticed me because it is absolutely impossible for me to do anything without my mouth wide open or even sometimes my tongue hanging out. When I was pregnant with my youngest, I gained 50 pounds of pure fat. I felt so gross after he was born. My self-esteem was at an all time low, especially since not even my fat pants fit. When he was seven weeks old and I actually was starting to gain weight, my husband convinced me to try Zumba. My first class was taught by a sub at Ballys and I came home crying and frustrated, telling my husband I would never go back. He convinced me to try one more time and thankfully, my second class was with you. Your teaching style perfectly meshes with my learning style. Even though I was still stumbling around like an uncoordinated fool, I was able to somewhat understand some of the moves. Here I am 10 months later and I am addicted to Zumba with you (I have learned this after trying several different instructors…YOU are what makes it so much fun for me! So much so, that when my husband lost his job, I told him he wasn’t allowed to apply for jobs that would require me to move far enough away that I couldn’t make it to your Zumba classes) I went from a size 14 to a size 3 and I lost almost 40 pounds. I lost 5 inches off my hips, 3 inches off each thigh, and 10 inches off my belly. I love to show people my muscles! I played sports year round in high school and I have to say that Zumba is the best workout that I have ever had. I have muscles in places I didn’t even know I could! Besides having more feminine curves, I also feel more feminine. My confidence is sky high…some might say I am a little too confident now. Haha! Before I started Zumba, I had such lumberjack movements (which probably comes from my years as a forward on my high school basketball team). I was definitely not graceful. Now, my husband (he likes to spy on me in class) tells me that I am more graceful and know how to fluidly move my body. It’s definitely something you can learn. I remember the day in Zumba when I had a light bulb moment in which I realized that I was more aware of my hips and how to make them move!

    Shauna, I cannot say enough good words about Zumba-how it has completely changed every aspect of my life (physically and emotionally). I feel like I owe this all to you. If you hadn’t been teaching that second day, I don’t think I would have given it another shot and I would probably still be blubbery and have no confidence. My friends all know that they can’t ask me to hang out on a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday because those are Zumba days and I don’t even miss Zumba when I have the flu (which, I probably will ditch next time I have the flu because it was kind of embarrassing last time running out the door to go dry heave in the toilet). I love how you have wide variety in your classes (for example, you don’t just do a bunch of latin stuff) and I love how easy you are to follow. I love how you break down steps for us and my all time favorite is when you count stuff. I am a huge counter. I know that most of the stuff is going to be repeated 3,4, or 8 times. When I am struggling with something, I feel like you are reading my mind because you will say 1! 2! 3! And then I think, AHA! That’s it. I practice steps in my sleep, while I am taking a shower, or even while I am going about my daily routine. I am hoping to get the $ together here so I can get a membership at Xtreme Edge..in a perfect world, I would be doing Zumba with you several times a day, 7 days a week! Thank you Shauna for changing my life for the better!

    I am sorry this is so long! I feel like even at this length, I haven’t said enough for what your classes have done for me…it also doesn’t help that I never get to talk to adults so I guess I am kind of overcompensating here!


  11. Shauna-
    Zumba has been so much fun and effective. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to challenge myself and have fun at the same time at the gym. Thank you for keeping me motivated! I appreciate the hard work you put into these classes and I can’t wait for more.

    Dina 🙂

  12. Shauna, I just love your class!! There are no words to describe your class! You are an amazing lady Shauna! You are the best! And not only are you good, you also make the class come to life! You make everyone very happy and you totally make my day! On Mondays and Wednesdays I can’t wait for school to get out so I can do Zumba! I do Zumba when ever I can! I am addicted to your class’s! And Zumba is a good thing, its not like they are drugs! Out of all the Zumba class’s I have done, yours is the best by FAR!!! You also pick the best music! You are so hip and you rock!!! -Alex.

  13. I would like to add my thoughts to the great testimonials thus far.

    First of all: Zumba is just plain FUN! It’s a great workout that doesn’t feel like a workout–and keeps me coming back for more.

    Secondly: Shauna is very creative with her music and choreography and keeps the class new and fresh–and once again, keeps me coming back for more.

    And finally: Zumba has an emotionally healing component as well besides being a physical activity which I found out this past week–when I lost a very dear friend to an unexpected, sudden heart attack. I didn’t come to class for several days as I was in such shock and grief. But later on during the week, I decided to get back to the gym and work out my feelings with Zumba. (I knew my friend would want me to) Amazingly it felt so good to just let go and dance and move and get lost in the moment of Zumba.

    The reason I share this last example is simply to state that Zumba is great on an emotional level–as well as a physical level. I highly recommend dancing away to Zumba even when you feel like CRUD because of what life throws at you.

    So I guess what I’m saying is apparently, no matter what–I’ll keep coming back for more!

    Zubma–Dance like no one’s watching–and ENJOY!

  14. She walks in and feels the anxiety rise, the room is filled with the toughest critics:women. Does she take off the jacket, should she stay, no idea what to expect, when suddenly the doors burst open and instantly she feels the positive energy radiating from this body. Sounds break forth from the speakers, songs she has heard but never really felt the beat, Jacket is flung to the side, and with each drop of sweat she feels the anxiety melt away and in it’s place there is a renewed confidence she had not felt in so long. She hears the words,” GO! Its all YOU!!” and it feels like they are directed right at her. Before she knows it the hour has flown by, new friends have been made, the troubles of the day have faded away, and for the first time as she walks away from the gym she can actually walk out with a pep in her step and feel so proud of herself. Nothing can stand in her way now! ………
    ……Shauna thanks so much for all you do! zumba has changed my life!

  15. I started taking Zumba classes with Shauna when she first began teaching at the L.O Ballys. I remember visualizing myself dancing on the beach and being blown away by how joyous the hour of exercise was! As her classes grow in popularity, I see Shauna inspiring women constantly! Her smile and enthusiasm give me the extra push I need towards the end of class. (Not to mention her rocking bod is extremely inspiring! :P)

    My Own Zumba Results:
    Over the last 6 months I’ve been able to Zumba on the regular basis, (1-2x week) and I notice a huge difference in my cardiovascular endurance and decreased body fat by 2 %! Happiest hour of cardio ever!

  16. Shauna you are awesome!! I wish my schedule would allow me to do more of your classes. I’m glad that Bruce encouraged me to do Zumba at the edge when you first started there. It’s the first cardio routine that I actually enjoy. I am now gonna take my own personal challenge with Zumba to see if it will help me reach my fitness goal. Love the music you play and your overall positive attitude in the classes. I’m still dancing well after class is done. I shake a “shimmy” when i hear one of the tunes you play in class. Keep up the great work Girlie!!!

  17. Kendra from Aloha/Cedar Hills

    Shauna, I just want to express how much I absolutely love your class. At first, I was a little hesitant to try it since the description said latin/salsa dance, and good lord I can’t do either, but I figured what the heck. After my first class with you, I found a new love and now I’m sold on Zumba. You definitely are an amazing instructor, and I love your song choices and upbeat attitude. Not only that, you have a killer body, which is motivation in itself to stick with it. So thank you for bringing Zumba to Bally’s, it’s my favorite class and I look forward to it each week. Hopefully you can bring more classes to the Aloha location = ) You Rock!!!

  18. 9 months ago I walked into my first Zumba class and it changed my life! The music, dancing, and amazing energy from the teacher made it the perfect workout party! I admired Shauna’s enthusiasm, endurance, and encouragement immediately. What an amazing instructor! After my second class I thought, it would be so fun to teach Zumba…..but just a thought. I started going to as many of Shauna’s classes as I could and began referring to myself and others as “Shauna Groupies” – LOL – even boarderline stalkers. One day Shauna told me I should be an instructor and nourished the seed I had thought about. She has been so supportive, generous, and helpful. I truly would not be where I am today without her. Shauna is an awesome mentor, dear friend, and semi PR agent! One of the smartest, hard-working, beautiful people I know.

  19. I have worked out as long as I can remember. I was always involved in sports from a young age and remember when Aerobics classes first started back in the 70’s and going to workouts at one of Jane Fonda’s Studios (leg warmers, head band and all!). I have been a member of Bally’s (Aloha) since before it was Bally’s (Golds Gym) and have been a fan of group ex classes due to the wonderful teachers and terrific gals I’ve met in class. My first Zumba class was at the urging of both my son’s girlfriends that took a class down in Corvallis (Zumbawithamy.com) and she was incredible…so much so that I would drive an hour and 1/2 (each way) once a month just to get my Zumba fix.
    That was until Shauna started teaching at Aloha on Thursday nights…her energy and enthusiasm are contagious !!! She inspires and motivates us while making the class incredibly FUN. Whenever I get a day off work the first thing I think about is what time is Shauna teaching and where…not a problem though due to her non-stop schedule 🙂
    I gained weight going through menopause but have lost a couple of pounds I believe by including Zumba as part of my total workout. My goal is to loose the 10 lbs I allowed myself to gain by the time I’m 53 (this July).
    Zumba classes make me feel like I can and will do it (plus the encouragement with all the wonderful testimonials listed here!).
    Thanks bunches, Shauna for being there ~for all of us…you truly are the best!

  20. I started taking Zumba with Shauna when she first started teaching at the Edge and immediately fell in love with it. I’ve never really enjoyed exercising until I got into Zumba.
    Shauna has played a huge part in my love for Zumba; she’s the best INSTRUCTOR, and motivates you to challenge yourself and do your best. She’s friendly and always has the best advice just about anything you might ask her… She’s very approachable.
    I’ve never been in such a great shape as I’m now; I look and feel so much better about myself. I’m less stressed, happier, thinner and have gotten off my blood pressure medicine too, thanks to Zumba.
    I take her classes 6 to 7 times per week and look forward to them every single day.. I’m ADDICTED to Zumba 🙂 Exercises have never been my forte until now. Being from Colombia, I’ve always liked to dance but have never had the chance. Zumba is a PARTY every day. I love the music and her choreography is amazing!!
    I think the instructor plays a huge role whether you like Zumba or not. Shauna is the best, most positive person I’ve ever met. I’m so thankful she has been put in my path. I can not say enough words on how Shauna and Zumba have changed my life. I owe it all to you my dear friend.
    Zumba + Shauna = PURE FUN!

    Shauna, you Rock,

  21. I joined Edge in August’ 2010 & was getting tired of the boring work out every day when I casually tried Shauna’s Zumba class with 3 of my co-workers. I’ve been a regular at the afternoon classes since then! I love dancing away with Shauna & look forward to it each day!! I mentioned this to her & said i’ve become addicted & gone Zumba crazy.
    She’s very sweet, caring, affectionate & a great human being. My 11-yr old daughter who went with me during winter break loved Zumba & particularly Shauna. She’s been mad with me’ coz I forgot to give the valentine card+candy she requested me to pass on to Shauna :-(.
    Can’t wait for my next zumba session!!
    Thanks much Shauna!!

  22. Jennifer Krampits

    I tried Zumba on accident, and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me! I took Yoga with Shauna at the Xtreme Edge, and she said I should try her Zumba classes, but at that point in time, I was not into trying new things. I came to a yoga class only to learn that it had been replaced by Zumba, and I am so happy I stayed because I got hooked instantly! Shauna’s high energy is infectious and the work out left me feeling great! By the way that her classes flow together (you always maintain a constant sweat!), you can tell that she pours so much of her time and energy into her work, just to give everyone an incredible, uplifting, energizing work out! Because she is so involved in Zumba and cares so much, you can’t help but fall in love with it, too.
    Now, my life has changed dramatically. I have lost 25 pounds since I have started taking Zumba with Shauna, since sometime in the summer. I did not diet, but I do supplement Zumba with the occasional other (less fun) cardio class, and ab and weight exercises. Not only has my body changed dramatically (my high school clothes are now loose on me!) but my mentality has changed drastically, for the better! I used to take medications to control my anxiety, but all they really did was make me balloon up. Now I am just so positive and happy all of the time, something that no medication could ever bring me. My friends and family have noticed this difference as well and they wholeheartedly embrace it. I can’t even relate to how I used to feel anymore, I just feel so incredible all of the time!
    Whenever I talk about Zumba, I get so enthusiastic about it, that my friends and acquaintances always want to try it. I can’t get down on the ones who don’t want to try it, though, because that used to be me!
    I used to be a chubby, unhappy party girl. Now I’m more fit than I have EVER been (and I played sports in high school!) and I’m still a party girl, but a Zumba party girl!
    Words can not describe how thankful I am to have met Shuana. I now am never afraid to try new things, ESPECIALLY if they are fitness related, and I finally have SELF CONFIDENCE! I have never felt so good about myself or life in general. If I had never starting taking her classes, I don’t even want to think of where I would be right now. I have replaced my unhealthy habits with Zumba, my new addiction.
    Just thinking about my transformation makes me want to ramble on forever, but I will end it on this note:
    I love Zumba, and I wish that everyone could experience Zumba with Shauna!! It will change your life!

  23. All my life, I’ve hated to work out. I played a game of golf, smacked around a tennis ball here and there, and went for the occasional springtime run in the sunshine, but to go to a gym and run on a treadmill or lift weights on a machine was a dreaded task for me. Nevertheless, I joined the Cedar Mill Bally’s when I moved to Portland a year ago. My boyfriend was trying to lose weight and I wanted to be there to support him. At first I was doing ok, but then I started to get bored. I tried yoga classes and although I liked them, I still found myself forcing my butt off the couch to go.

    I kept seeing my friends on Facebook writing posts about this Zumba thing. I had no idea what it was so I sort of ignored it. Then my mom called me one day and said she had taken a Zumba class down in Medford and she loved it and said I MUST try it. She said it was the most fun she’d ever had working out and coming from an ex-step aerobics fanatic, I knew it must have been fun! Hesitantly, I asked the Bally’s trainers for a schedule. I hung it up on my refrigerator for weeks trying to get up the guts to try a class. I would run on the treadmill that was closest to the Zumba gym and pretend not to spy on the dancers inside. My boyfriend, knowing how my distaste for the treadmill was rapidly growing, kept pushing me to go. A few weeks later, I made a bet with him that if he came to yoga with me once, I would try Zumba.

    Tuesday rolled around and so did the yoga class. Isaac came with me, so I was forced to uphold my end of the bargain. When the instructor introduced herself, she also said that she was subbing for Shauna that day. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed, but I stayed. It was fun, but I wanted to see what else was out there. I knew Shauna was teaching the following Monday, so I decided to try it again. WHOA! That was funner than fun! (Yes, yes I know ‘funner’ isn’t a word, but I was so giddy at that point that I didn’t care!) It was instant addiction. I started to get excited to work out! ME! Excited! That’s when I knew it was meant to be.

    Nine months later, I hear a Zumba song come on at work, and I instantly find myself chair dancing (must to my embarrassment in my small office I share with 3 other people). I hear a Zumba song in the car and now I’m car dancing AND singing at the top of my lungs. I hear a Zumba song at home and all bets are off…I’m dancing around my house singing and swaying to the music until the song is over. Zumba has changed my life. In particular, Zumba with Shauna has changed my life!

    Shauna, you are an amazing instructor and I have you to thank for opening my eyes to the Zumba world. Without you, I truly don’t think I would’ve kept up with it and I and so thankful for that. Your new studio is fantastic (congratulations on achieving your dream!) and I find myself smiling from the minute I get off work to a half hour after I leave your studio and start coming off my “Zumba high” as I like to call it! Your energy is infectious, you are so inspiring, and as far as I’m concerned, the best at what you do! I came to class on last Thursday when you did all the songs with the squats moves…today is Sunday and I’m STILL sore. No joke! The workouts are upbeat, challenging, always changing, and funner than fun! 😉 I find myself more toned (especially my abs and calves) and I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Shauna!!

    To any of you skeptics out there, take the leap of faith and try a class with Shauna. You’ll become a “Shauna Groupie” just like the rest of us!

  24. Dec 2007, went to Urgent Care and got a shot in my left hip for migraine. This was just the beginning of my long journey into Paim Management. For the next 3 years my sciatic nerve pain increased by the day. I lived on pain meds so strong if not taken correctly I could go into cardiac arest. My option, surgery to put spinal stimulor in which the battery pack get placed inside your hip, line are input up along spine with 2 probes placed into top of spine so you can use remote to stop the pain sygnals from going to the brain. I used a cane most of the time to walk, had to stop my daily walks and any form of exercise, and then days when I had to use electric cart at Costco. I gained more lbs than I did when pregnant. Depressed, what could I do? Dec 2010 I went in and had fat removed from my thighs as I was desperate for help. This took a few months to heal but the pain was gone. Took me 6 months before I believed it was not coming back. After losing 30 lbs I wanted more, I wanted to get healthy. I became a grandma Nov 2011. Then I found Shauna and Zumba. Now I know I will achieve my goals.
    Started taking Zumba 2-4 times a week, love it! Shauna is addicting, energizing and you talk about motivation, just look at her. God broke the mold when she was born. She is beautiful, sweet, encouraging and lots of fun and she truely cares about all of us. I have now taken some personal training with Shauna and lost 8 inches after 6 sessions and zumba, so 2 1/2 weeks. I have now lost a total of 45 lbs and am in love with my workouts. I can’t wait to go cuz we are like a family, supportive, positive, we laugh, we sweat – allot! I think Shauna needs to do a DVD and I would call it Shape up with Sizzling Shauna or something. I still have no more pain and on the road to being much heathlier so I can be here for my family and for me. Thank you Shauna and thank you all from Hardcore-Doc (Bruce), Jade, Nani and all staff!

  25. Bootcamp is awesome! I learned 90 seconds is a long time while in plank, but I can do it longer than day 1! Shauna works you hard but also encourages you to challenge yourself!

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