Saturday Class Schedule

Open public Zumba events, functions and fundraisers take precedence over regular class time.

Join the Party!!! We always have one going on!!!


3 responses to “Saturday Class Schedule

  1. Zumba is awesome! I’m telling all my friends about it! Great work out and it’s fun!

  2. How can we get you there every Saturday? It’s a great rockin-hot workout to start the weekend!

    • Hi Trudy! 🙂 I love to give my all so I can bring you the most fun and amazing workout I can! I am so happy you are enjoying my Zumba classes!! 🙂 You are Fantastic!! I have to be out of town on those Saturdays that I don’t have listed. Nani is going to start teaching the Saturdays that I cannot be there. However, if you want to get a double dose of Zumba (building conditioning) or need options on Saturday times, I have just signed on to teach Zumba at 4 p.m. every Saturday that I am here in Portland at the Lake Oswego Ballys gym. This Saturday class will be open to the public (don’t need to be a member so bring your friends!) and will be $5 for all. I will also alternate this class, so it will become available starting Feb. 12!!! Just another calorie burning way to party our way to our BEST BODY!! 🙂

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