My Own Results from Zumba

One year ago, approximately one month before I took the stage in Figures at Vancouver, my body fat was at 12%. After teaching Zumba classes for the past year, my body fat % is now at 10%!!! The following is a link to an image of a copy of my fat measurements/lean body mass/muscle development taken today (1/26/11). I lift weights and I Zumba. The results are amazing! Zumba is an effective and fun way to burn those calories away!!!!! 🙂 Come Join the Party!



2 responses to “My Own Results from Zumba

  1. I joined the Zumba class at the Lake Oswego Bally’s on Tuesday at 5:30 and it was really good and the best of all I had fun.
    Thank you.

  2. michelle spanish

    Hi, about a year and a half ago, I entered my first zumba class. Aloha Ballys, teacher was Shauna Stelzer. I stood in the very back and awkwardly tried to follow along. I had no stamina, and not sure if I was “loving” zumba class. I stuck with it, and by the 4th or 5th class caught the zumba love. At that time I was wearing size 18 jeans. I added many zumba classes to my weeks, and some pilates and yoga. I am now back to my personal size which is a 4. “slow and steady” Zumba love to everyone…… Michelle Spanish Zin certified and licenced Zumba Instructor

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