Happy Thanksgiving Zumba Calorie Burners at Hardcore!

Get ready to burn some serious calories this holiday season!! Join in our Turkey Burn at 10 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning (Thursday, Nov. 28th)!! All our instructors will be here to “pre-burn” those holiday meal calories with you!! Class will be a 80 minute sweaty good time! This class will be a regular class punch, living social, or $7 drop in fee only! Class cards will also be on sale for this very special holiday event! 🙂

There is no class on Friday, Nov. 29th! Enjoy your holiday! 🙂

The Shauna and Neylana Holiday Cookie Burn on Saturday at 6 pm. will definitely be a MUST to burn up those “post-dinner, holiday” calories! Neylana comes to us from Ballroom Dance Company and she is a fantastic instructor with lots of experience! Both Shauna and Neylana will have you dancing, dancing, dancing! The amazing Kate and Alena will also be here to boogie down! Free Party giveaways and raffles will keep you smiling throughout this party! Class Cards also on sale during this party! $10 entrance fee. Cash preferred party! No Saturday morning class this day. Spice up your weekend and bring your friends and family to this event! 🙂

Hardcore Training Studio and Zumba with Shauna! Party here like nowhere else! 🙂





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