Zumba Love Month at Hardcore!

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! PUT A SPRING IN YOUR STEP WITH OUR LOVE DAY ZUMBA PARTY ON SATURDAY, FEB 23 AT 6 P.M.! 90 minutes of heart pumpin’, good lovin’, dancin’ FUN, FUN, FUN!! All our instructors will light your fire! Class cards on sale this night! $40 for 10 punch ($10 Savings) and $25 for 5 punch ($5 savings!) Plus! Enjoy drawings and prizes!! Party is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC so bring your friends and whoop it up!. $10 at the door, cash preferred.
— WHAT’S NEW?? INTRODUCING BOSU CLASS AT HARDCORE! Come check out our FREE 30 minute Bosu Ball Demo class on Sunday, Feb. 24 at 11 a.m.!!! Bosu Ball class is a dynamic workout utlizing exercises that tone and strenthen your core (abs, back, glutes and thighs!!) These classes will be offered in a Series of 4 for $40 on Sunday mornings. Sign up for classes at the Demo or contact me for reservation! Space is limited to 8 people due to limited Bosu Balls.
OUR POPULAR BOOTCAMP STARTS AGAIN ON MONDAY FEB. 25! 8 SESSIONS FOR $80!! A price you can’t beat for two amazing workouts per week!!  Pay by Feb. 21 to reserve your spot! Limited to 8.
I’m Back!!! See ya on Tuesday at 6 p.m. for Zumbaaaa!!! 
Let’s take our fitness to the next level!

2 responses to “Zumba Love Month at Hardcore!

  1. Hi Shauna,

    Can you tell me more about your bootcamp please.

    What you’ll be doing.





  2. Hi Michele!

    Bootcamp with me at Hardcore is our circuit group workout that encompasses several exercises including weights and body weight, cardio, interval and stretching to give you the ultimate workout!

    Bootcamp classes run Mondays and Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. and our next Bootcamp set begins on Monday, Feb. 25. At only $80 for 8 sessions, it’s a great deal! Pay by Feb. 21 to reserve your spot as I only take 8 to keep group small. 🙂

    Join in on the Fitness Fun!


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