Zumba, Bootcamp, Personal Training! Inspiring Fitness in You!!

What New at Hardcore?

BOOTCAMP ANYONE??? Your choice of two: Friday mornings, Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. with Shauna (possible earlier times also available upon group request) . The perfect mix of resistance training, plyometrics and cross training, that will help you reach your goals!! Be motivated in a small group setting to find your Fit Body!!
4 weeks (8 sessions) only $125!!! To register, email me and we’ll reach your goals as a team!!

Rock it out in your new Zumba clothing! Coming to Hardcore Training Center/Zumba with Shauna next week…The latest in fashion on the Zumba dance floor!! New tanks, pants, exercise bags, workout bras, jackets on the way!!!

Come dance with Katie tonight at 6 p.m. and Jonathon tomorrow at 6 p.m.!!

Shauna is teaching Zumba this Saturday at 10:30 a.m.!!!! Join The Party!!!

Sign up for Personal Training with Shauna this month and receive a free Zumba tank top! (Offer valid Feb. 23 thru Feb. 29!!
3 Sessions : $150

10 Sessions : $800

20 Sessions : $1400

30 Sessions : $1800
Let’s get those bodies rockin’ for the Summer!!

Be Inspired!


18960 SW Shaw St.
Aloha, OR 97007


One response to “Zumba, Bootcamp, Personal Training! Inspiring Fitness in You!!

  1. I had my first training session with Shauna last Thursday. It was great, fun, tiring and she kicked my behind! Tonight is my second session and I’m looking forward to it and yes, even the pain. Shauna is an awesome teacher and very encouraging. Thanks for the great help, tips and advice.
    P.S. I bought a zumba workout bag and capris – love them both 🙂

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