Zumba Tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 14!!!!

Exciting News!!! Tomorrow’s (Wednesday, Dec. 14) Zumba class at Hardcore Training Center at 6 p.m. will be taught by the Awesome Johnathon Echols!!! We are super excited that he will be leading tomorrow!! Come Zumba with him!

As we continue to preburn those Holiday calories, I will be leading Zumba on Thursday at 6 p.m.!!!! Let’s party away those sugar cookies together!!!

THANK YOU FOR VOTING!!!!! There will be Zumba classes on Christmas Eve morning and on New Year’s Eve morning at 10:30 a.m.!!! If you voted, make sure you come to class so that we can continue to offer Zumba on special holiday days! Classes are the regular one hour of Rockin’ Zumba and are just one class punch each or $5 drop in each. Open to the public!

Next go to Hardcoretrainingstudio.com and click on the Hardcore Studio side and vote for class on New Year’s Day too!!! We want to hear from you!!!

Need a Holiday gift or stocking stuffer idea??? Zumba with Shauna gift cards and Training with Shauna gift cards are Available. Gift cards for Zumba can be purchased in any increment (even for 2 classes/$10 if you want to introduce Zumba to a friend!! )

As the Holiday Season approaches, let’s Celebrate it Zumba style!!!!



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