Mom’s Day Out Zumba Party Is Here!!!!


THIS COMING SATURDAY (Sept. 24) at 9:30 a.m.! Join us for some stress-relieving, calorie-burning, dancing good fun!!!! Our fabulous Melissa has offered to watch your kiddos while you get your Zumba Party On here at Hardcore Training Studio so bring em’!!! We’ll have several of our awesome instructors jammin to your favorite Zumba tunes with you! Whether you are a mom or not, this 90 minute party is guaranteed to provide heart-pumpin’ fun!!! Come check it out!!! $10 at the door.

I’m back and ready to Zumba with you today, Tuesday, Sept. 20, at noon and at 7 p.m. too!!! Let’s dance!!!

Zumba Love!!!!



2 responses to “Mom’s Day Out Zumba Party Is Here!!!!

  1. Does anyone know roughly the value of the calories the you burn off in an average zumba exercise period , lasting 7 mins. I am trying to create a weight loss program centred on Zumba

    • Hi Lynda, It’s Shauna. I can answer that for you. In an hour Zumba class one can burn anywhere between 400 and 1,000 calories depending on the effort that they are exerting. Therefore, Zumba is an amazing calorie burner. The more you dance, the more you burn! 🙂 I also am a personal trainer, so if you would like help with your weight loss program, I can help. I have holiday specials running, so let me know! 🙂

      Zumba Hugs!


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