First Week At Harcore Training Studio! :)

THE PARTY HAS JUST BEGUN! Come check out classes this week and next at Hardcore Training Studio!

Due to popular demand, beginning tomorrow (Wednesday), the Zumba express has been moved to 6 p.m., rather than 6:30, and the Zumba Toning is now at 6:30 p.m. rather than 7 p.m. Zumba Express and Zumba Toning will count as one punch on your class card because it will work out to be an hour for both. Zumba Toning is based on dance moves that are focused on using the weights while dancing safely. Zumba Toning can also be taken without the weights! :Weights can be added in as you are ready! Get ready to enjoy an awesome hour long cardio party while toning up!

Since Nani is out of town tomorrow, Yoga will be cancelled, however, Yoga will run next week following Zumba on Wednesday night! Popular Pilates/Spin and Yoga Instructor Judy Cifuni will be joining our Yoga/Pilates team! 🙂

Your voice makes a difference! I will add fans to the room as well!

Join the Party and Experience the Hardcore difference!! See you in classes soon! 🙂

Lots of Zumba Love!


Shauna Stelzer

Zumba Instructor
Yoga Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer
NPC Figures Champion


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